Life and Intimacy Coaching

Hi, I’m Jennifer Stephan, originally from the East Coast and currently calling Northern Ohio home. My journey to becoming a Life Coach has been a transformative adventure, not just for those I guide but for me as well.

Challenges and Learnings: Along this path, I discovered the profound impact of challenging my own fears and doubts. It became evident that fear and doubt have the power to snatch away opportunities. The realization that every step, no matter how small, is a step in our favor, has been a game-changer.

Empowering Others: My mission as a Life Coach is rooted in the belief that everyone deserves the ability to change their lives. I’ve witnessed the transformative power that lies within individuals once they shed the weight of fear and doubt. It’s about giving people the tools and mindset to embrace each step forward, no matter how modest, recognizing that every effort is worthwhile because they are worth it.

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Navigating a Divisive World: In a world designed to separate and divide—whether it’s within families, workplaces, or within ourselves—it’s easy to lose sight of our true desires. The longing to belong often overshadows the clarity we need to understand what we genuinely want for ourselves.

Empowering Journeys: My mission as a Life Coach is to guide individuals on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Together, we navigate the maze of societal expectations and personal doubts, unlocking the innate potential within. I am passionate about helping others identify their true passions, create meaningful goals, and achieve them.

Becoming the Best Version: The ultimate goal is to assist individuals in becoming the person they aspire to be. It’s about finding joy and happiness not just in the destination but in the journey itself. I believe in opening others up to the limitless possibilities that unfold when they choose to follow their own dreams.

The Transparent Window: I believe in transparency—it’s like being a window that allows the light of truth to shine through. My decision to become a coach stems from a deep love for witnessing people succeed. While my own story didn’t involve people telling me I could be anything I wanted, I found inspiration in the success of others.

Cheering for Others: I am passionate about being the cheerleader I wished I had growing up. There’s something magical about cheering others on, knowing that genuine support can be a catalyst for transformation.

Guiding Through Challenges: Life often throws challenges our way, and it’s during those times that someone else’s perspective can be invaluable. I believe that others can see more clearly when we’re navigating difficult situations. Hence, having a compassionate guide to help create a reasonable plan for progress and goal achievement makes sense.

Coaching vs. Medical Professionals: While there are situations where medical professionals are crucial, there are also times when a certified coach can play a pivotal role in guiding individuals toward their finish line. It’s about recognizing when professional coaching can complement and support overall well-being.

Navigating the Waves of Change: In a world where change is a constant, the bombardment of new experiences can be overwhelming, causing us to feel like shutting down. I’m here to simplify the journey, making every goal achievable, provided you have the desire.

Change at Your Pace: Change, although life-altering, doesn’t have to be an intimidating force. I believe in easing into change at your own pace and in your own way. It’s about recognizing that the desire for change is the first step, and from there, we can work together to make the process as seamless as possible.

Change as a Wonderful Journey: Change is a wonderful thing, but it’s essential to acknowledge that it can be a gradual and transformative journey. Whether you’re aiming for your dream job, a fulfilling relationship, a memorable vacation, improvements in intimate matters, or simply a more organized life, I’m here to guide you.

Transitioning to Your Desired Place: My purpose is to help you transition into the life you desire. Whether it’s a major life shift or small adjustments, I am here to support you every step of the way. Your goals are achievable, and I’m committed to making a difference in your life that you can see and feel.

My Values and Beliefs

In my world, nothing we want and are willing to work for is impossible. I’m not someone who had things handed to them; I’ve worked hard to overcome personal challenges and traumas. I firmly believe that anything is possible.

I won’t tell you it’s easy, but I will tell you that what you think, feel, and value is important. My mission is to help you realize your dreams because I believe each of us holds immeasurable value and deserves to reach our full potential. You are a single, unique individual meant to stand apart from everyone else.

Life is a journey, and sometimes the path is tough, but I’m here to guide and support you. Together, let’s uncover your strengths, navigate challenges, and unlock the boundless possibilities that await you.

Our Journey Together

Our shared goal is to map out your unique journey, set achievable tasks, and ultimately reach your desired destination. The process begins with you expressing your aspirations and identifying any perceived obstacles. Together, we take deliberate steps to propel you forward.

Your Role in the Journey

To embark on this transformative journey, all that’s required of you is a readiness for change. You must be willing to move forward, embracing and applying the new skills we develop together. Your commitment to utilizing these skills is the key to realizing your desired outcome.

Change is an inevitable part of growth, and as your coach, I am here to guide, support, and empower you throughout this exciting adventure. Let’s work together to turn your dreams into achievable milestones.

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Certifications and Professional Affiliations

Read more about my philosophy and qualifications.

iPEC Certified Professional Coach
Energy Leadership Index - Master Practitioner
COR.E Wellbeing Dynamics Specialist
ED Treating Information Center
International Coach Federation
Universal Life Church - Minister