Help for Sex and Intimacy Issues

Helping Men and Couples to Explore, Embrace, and Express their Intimate Needs and Desires

Erectile Dysfunction affects one in three men. It can erode your confidence and can be debilitating in relationships. The medical profession can help with the physical causes of ED, but does little to address the pain that it causes.

As a coach, I can help you to take control of your own sexual health.

I can help you to:

  • Discover and address the psychological factors that may be contributing to your ED
  • Deal with the impact of ED on your life, to remain positive and focused and avoid depression.
  • Understand and evaluate the medical treatment options that are available through your doctor, and develop a positive treatment plan tailored to your individual circumstances
  • Communicate with your partner and have a satisfying intimate and sexual relationship

The important thing to understand is that Erectile Dysfunction is treatable, and there is hope for you!

I have helped hundreds of men with intimacy and sexual health issues. Find out how intimacy coaching can help you.

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