Meet Jennifer

Jennifer is the founder of Intimate Outcomes. A self-proclaimed wild child and lover of all. She keeps an open mind and strives to always see the bigger picture. Jennifer believes that being comfortable with one’s own sexuality creates confidence in our daily life and that being able to communicate is key to successful, long lasting relationships.

Jennifer has worked in the field of sexual behavior for five years. She has dealt with men and women and the many issues that come up for them. After having come to the realization that people have few places to discuss and understand their needs she became a certified coach from iPEC specializing in Intimacy and Relationships. She is always striving to learn and continue her education to provide the best possible outcome.

Jennifer believes that understanding who we are as sexual beings and accepting who we are, is critically important and understands it can be difficult when what we want or desire is considered taboo or different by others. Knowing who you are and that it is natural to have sexual desires leads to greater awareness and understanding.

It is important to mention that Jennifer does not engage in or participate in any type of touching.

When she isn’t coaching she is traveling, writing, playing with her beloved dogs, surrounded by her loving family and finding ways to get lost in the Redwoods!

Certifications and Professional Affiliations