Prostate Cancer and Erectile Dysfunction Resources

This list in intended to help men suffering from sexual concerns related to age, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, or other conditions.  If you know of other worthwhile resources, please use the Contact page to tell me about them.


  1. The Penis Book, by Dr. Aaron Spitz. Rodale Wellness, 2018.
    rating-4An amazing and informative book that is actually fun to read!  The book starts with a great explanation of how erections work.  It includes a lot of information on the causes and treatments of erectile dysfunction, other problems that can affect the penis, and tips on maintaining the health of the penis.
  2. Prostate Cancer and the Man You Love: Supporting and Caring for Your Partner, by Dr. Anne Katz. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2012.
    rating-4This is a comprehensive book, covering almost every aspect of prostate cancer, from diagnosis through treatment and recovery. Unlike the other books listed below, there isn’t a lot of discussion of sex. And despite the title, this book isn’t really about partners – the information is equally useful for the patient himself. The book is highly recommended if you have not yet chosen or undergone treatment.
  3. Reclaiming Sex & Intimacy After Prostate Cancer – A Guide for Men and Their Partners, by Jeffrey Albaugh. Jannetti Publications, 2012.
    rating-5This is the best book overall book on the subject of recovery after prostate cancer treatments. It covers all the problems you will encounter, and appropriate treatments for each. All of the author’s recommendations are supported by references to scientific studies, but he doesn’t get bogged down in the scientific details. He also addresses the psychological impact on the patient and his partner, and gives recommendations for finding support groups.
    This book would also be useful for men suffering from other causes of ED or incontinence.
  4. Saving Your Sex Life – A Guide for Men with Prostate Cancer, by Dr. John Mulhall. CIACT, 2011.
    rating-4A very “technical” book that explains the biology and medicine behind sexual function, the damage done by various treatments, and the options for sexual rehabilitation. The information is great, but you may get lost in the technical details.
  5. Sex After Prostate Cancer – A Wife’s Secrets, by Lori Wilk. Comm Studios, 2014.
    rating-1While it is clearly heartfelt, this short book (101 pages of large type) is very superficial and contains almost no useful information.

Online Resources

  1. rating-5ED Treatment Information Center –
    Comprehensive, well documented information and advice, on all aspects of Erectile Dysfunction.  The site has a searchable directory of doctors and counselors who deal with ED.
  2. rating-5Frank Talk
    An online community for men suffering from Erectile Disfunction. Great discussions of treatment options, and a separate section on “Emotional and Mental Support.”  Unfortunately, this forum is open to men only.
  3. Prostate Cancer Forum
    A moderately active discussion forum for those undergoing treatment, or dealing with post-treatment issues.  A good place to get feedback on various options.  Some sexual content.
  4. rating-4Prostate Cancer InfoLink Social Network
    Online resources and information, videos, events, as well as an active discussion forum.

Sex Aids and Related Products

  1. Pos-T-Vac Manual Vacuum Pump
    Many men are able to achieve a satisfactory erection with the Pos-T-Vac vacuum pump.   Some studies show that vacuum pumps promote circulation in the erectile tissues, which may help in eventual recovery of normal erections. 
  2. Depends Real Fit incontinence briefs for men.
    These disposable briefs feel natural for most men, and are ample to handle normal leakage.  They are available in bulk at