What’s the Difference Between a Coach, a Mentor, and a Therapist?

Recently I was at an event and someone asked me “What do you do?” Excitedly I said, “I am a coach!” I had his attention. “That’s awesome! What kind of team do you coach?” This was my big moment, I moved in a little closer and said “I coach Team Human Kind.” He had no … Continue reading “What’s the Difference Between a Coach, a Mentor, and a Therapist?”

Support for Men with ED – Interview

Jennifer interviews Robert, a prostate cancer survivor dealing with erectile dysfunction, about his treatment and the support he has received from his doctor and his coach. 20:00 minutes Jennifer Stephan is an Intimacy Coach hell bent on moving people forward so that they can have a better quality of life. Yes, she is certified in … Continue reading “Support for Men with ED – Interview”

Reclaiming Intimacy after a Major Life Change

You are a male and you have a penis. Let’s assume you have had said penis since birth for arguments sake and the purpose of the article. Everything you know about sexual intercourse, intimacy and pleasure of a sexual nature is in some manner tied up in your penis. This is not an accusation. It … Continue reading “Reclaiming Intimacy after a Major Life Change”

Sex after Prostate Cancer

I am a prostate cancer survivor. My story is unusual. After my diagnosis, I underwent radiation treatment, which failed to eliminate the cancer. Few surgeons will attempt to remove the prostate after radiation, because the treatment creates scar tissue that makes the surgery very difficult. Fortunately, I found an excellent surgeon, Dr. Jonathan Eandi, who … Continue reading “Sex after Prostate Cancer”

When We Close the Door to Happiness

The attraction is there. You’re certain of it. It’s a palpable, tangible, absolute force. Every single part of you wants to connect. Smart. Attractive. Compassionate. You been waiting months, years—perhaps your entire life—to connect with someone who has all the attributes you’ve been looking for. Thrilled doesn’t begin to describe how you’re feeling. You’re over … Continue reading “When We Close the Door to Happiness”